Technology has received the main prize at the International Fair of Borderland Gorzow Wielkopolski . 2001 As you know , the maintenance of clean blinds preclude the formation of irritants , while sediment atmospheric , smoke , dust , or nicotine causes discoloration blinds , rapid consumption bearing elements, controls, as well as deterioration of visual appearance . What is cleaning ultrasonic shock wave ?


Ultrasonic cleaning is performed by a device which is powered by an ultrasonic generator . Ultrasound creates thousands of small bubbles that bounce off the surface of louvers to remove dirt without scrubbing strong . Cavitation bubbles in the liquid have a certain lifetime , after which collapse ( implode , the opposite of explosion ) , generating a very strong wave of voice . This wave , referred to as the shock wave has a very strong : rips long molecules , depolymerised suspensions of polymerized sprayed with solid obstacles in the path of its propagation , initiates a number of chemical reactions , which hardly proceed under normal conditions.

Verticals Cleaning

This process is a stage of cleaning, because the tank has two- step cleaning process. The first process uses a special cleaner that cleans strips and belts , in addition also lubricates the guides .


The second process is a rinse cycle in which blinds are considered middle : impregnating material eliminates static electricity and preventing the emergence of water stains. This cycle slows the deposition of dirt - atmospheric suspension .


Due to the fact that we are also the manufacturer of blinds , importer , which is why we provide both maintenance and possible repair of damaged blinds. Always during the service entrusted to us , we review the systems , conserve them , so that they can perform the functions entrusted by the next period.



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